Wedding dresses

We all want to look stunning on our Wedding day and if you are looking for a Wedding dress that is totally unique or are having a themed wedding then we can help.


How do we create your unique dress?

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation.  Bring your ideas, photos, drawings, magazines - whatever has inspired you and we will work together to create the gown of your dreams.


The Consultation

If your idea is a unique design then a preliminary sketch may be made.  We will look at fabric choices, discuss trims and finishing and any other requirements you have for your special day, including your budget.

Once the basic ideas have been worked out and you have chosen your fabrics, we will provide you with a quote.

If you are happy with the quote and would like us to make your gown, a deposit will then be required.


The Next Stage

We will usually make up a test garment, depending on the complexity of the design, from measurements taken at the initial consultation.  This will allow us to make any changes to the design and fit before constructing your dress.

Samples of any lace or trims should be available for your approval at this stage as well.








Once your dress has been created, fittings will be required although these should be minimal.

All minor adjustments will be made now.






Once you are completely happy with your dress you can take it home.

If your wedding dress is being made in advance we can check the fitting closer  to  your wedding date to make sure it is still perfect.  Any extra adjustments can be made then at no extra cost.






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